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ah in mt

While I am originally from Southern California, I have lived and worked in Montana for over a decade. Montana changed me into a lover of nature, an avid hiker, an admirer of peace and quiet, a winter enthusiast, and a devoted patron of local breweries. I have made the transition into Hobbit-dom. 


Art has been the one constant in my life, by way of education, immersion, and practice. From my childhood forward, I have been enamored with the process of art making and was never too far away from my own tools. Everything from large scale paintings and jewelry making to small doodles in the margins of notes, I am always creating. From reproductions of master works and talented originals to the scribbles of children, I do not discriminate in my personal collection. 

My love of art morphed during my undergraduate education and became a love of analyzing and writing about art. Art History swept me away. With my continued education, I intend on cultivating a love for art in others, as well as furthering understanding on the subject of cultural crossing and sharing by way of visual, literary, and musical arts. By using Scandinavianism of the 19th century as my case study for my masters degree, I aspire to tackle the difficult subject of discrediting white nationalism and racism. 

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